Communication 101

Mastering your prior, current and future relationships so you can get exactly what you want out of your life. | taught by Ryan Foland

Course Introduction

What if you had the best idea in the world, but you didn’t know how to communicate it?

Would anyone pay attention to you? If they did, would they take you seriously? Or would they think you were a joke?

Chances are, they will think you are a joke. But you don’t want to be known as the joke around town, do you?

Of course not! You want to be well respected and attract investors, business partners and customers to come knocking at your door, don’t you?

Don’t you!?

Well, the only way this is ever going to happen for you is if you learn how to strategically pitch and network. And guess what. This course outlines everything you need to know to be able to:

  • Command respect in any room you enter
  • Be able to position yourself as the go-to expert
  • Have investors toss their hard earned cash into your company

But the only way any of this will ever happen is if you go out there and take action to learn the skills necessary to get you to the next phase in life. And guess what. Life is a roller coaster. So go enjoy yourself.

Why you need to learn strategic pitching and networking

Do you plan to be successful one day in your life? Whether it be by:

  • Moving up the ranks at your company
  • Landing your dream job
  • Or starting a successful company

Guess what you will need to learn.

How to own a room and grab the attention of stakeholders, investors, collaborators and executives.

But you can’t do that if you are running around like a chicken after having your head cut off. Or if you lack complete confidence in what it is that you do.

From pitching your vision to honing your relationship building skills, this course covers everything you need to effectively and confidently grow your buy-in potential. This will bring people to come and support you in your mission, whether it be getting your superiors to vouch for your next promotion, get potential clients to take action and buy your product or for you to get the money you need to rock your business like no tomorrow.

Your network will begin to resemble your net worth

In five weeks, you will be able to:

  • Craft a pitch that will allow you to explain your business in 3 sentences, 1 sentence, and then 3 words.
  • Effectively communicate in front of both large and small audiences.
  • Set up your own personal website and social media platforms.
  • Build and maintain online and offline relationships.
  • Discover what colors to wear so that you always look your best.
  • Begin to establish yourself as a thought leader in your field of expertise.
Ryan  Foland
Ryan Foland
Communication Strategist

Ryan Foland is a master communicator. He coaches leaders worldwide on the art of simplifying spoken and written messaging for greater impact. He is the inventor of 3-1-3 Theory, a process whereby pitches begin as three sentences, condense into one sentence and then boil down to three words. Ryan writes for Influencive and has appeared in Inc., Entrepreneur, HuffPost, TEDx and more. An entertaining speaker, toastmaster, and emcee, he serves as a public speaking mentor for a variety of thought leaders. Learn more at

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